Florian Rehr, ITS mobility

SpecialityManaging Director
OrganisationITS mobility GmbH
Short CVAs managing director of ITS mobility GmbH, Mr. Rehr is responsible for events and cluster management. During his degree in geography, he completed several internships in the automotive sector and wrote his thesis at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. Mr. Rehr has been with Wolfsburg AG since 2010, where he developed a cluster concept for an automotive cluster. After the project was approved, Mr. Rehr became the project manager of the automotive cluster at the Economic Association of the Hanover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region. In 2015, the Automotive Cluster was merged with ITS Niedersachsen to form the current ITS mobility. Since June 2015, Mr. Rehr has been co-managing director at ITS mobility GmbH. In addition to cluster and network activities, a focus of his activities is in the area of events (from network meetings to specialist symposia lasting several days). There are also several offices and projects that Mr. Rehr oversees.

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